Monday, August 3

Feeling Green

Warning: This post contains unholy amounts of green. Can't say I didn't warn you...

After a very successful completion of my last Gwen Slouchy Beret, my cousin Heather commissioned me to make another for her, in green, blue, or black. I had the green Palette that I dyed, and thought it would be the perfect shade for this beret.
Lace Pattern Beret
I can't stress how much I love this beret. The lace pattern is easy to remember, it knits up so fast, and is the perfect hat to take us into the fall months (as much as I hate to consider the fact that summer is quickly fading...)
Slouchy Beret 2
This dyed yarn has more diversity than the yarn I used for my beret, but I love the effect and I think the dark splotches give it a lot of character.

And because I can never sent just one thing in a package, I had to make a few other simple additions. For the kids, I made "knucklebones" or "five stones." I found this tutorial and thought it would be the perfect little game for them. It's pretty much jacks with a set of rules to complete.
A little basic and old fashioned perhaps, but I tend to think these games are often the most entertaining and allow for plenty of imagination. Each "stone" is palm size and filled with rice. What kid doesn't like bean bag toys?! I used Anna Maria Horner Chocolate Lollipop scraps and made a little drawstring bag to keep them in.

Here's a picture of the beautiful family:
Don't you think they'd love to play knucklebones or their own made up variation?

Fabric Bookmark
Finally, Heather is a book-lover, so a little something practical and pretty: a fabric bookmark made with scraps of Anna Maria Horner glued & sewn onto thick paper. Simple, quick, stash-busting, and useful. What more can a girl ask for? Oh, how about a dishcloth. No picture, but a sunny yellow knit dishcloth is also in the package. I knit these when I get bored and have a stash of finished ones for myself or others when the need arises.

I also completed my topographie hat using the same green yarn. I love love love the end result and the dyed yarn worked perfect with all those dark specks! Perfectly slouchy and a great pop of color, I will definitely be wearing this a lot!
Topographie Hat

I'm still thinking up options for my DQS7 partner. I drew up a plan and think I picked the fabric out, I'm going to start stitching options together tomorrow and see how I like it. And I may just have to run to the fabric store and get some white fabric- I think I'm running low! White fabric is officially my new quilting necessity, as it matches everything and makes all fabrics *pop* against it's bright background. If I make good progress perhaps I'll post some snapshots tomorrow.
Until then, happy crafting!

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