Thursday, August 20

The Scraps Are Flying

First off, my progress on my Doll Quilt Swap 7 mini..
I quilted it with stippling, washed & dried and then sewed on the binding to the front. I used two strips from a jelly roll, which is awesome because there was *no* cutting involved -- love that! I need to hand sew it to the back and make a label. Those are things I can do while watching a movie, which I also love.

I have been eyeing the color wheel quilts out there, primarily the one from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. It's gorgeous, right? However, I do not have the book (yet) and it was late at night and I wanted to give something a whirl, so I figured out my angles, cut out some templates, gathered 20 different fabrics, and came up with this dresden plate:
Obviously I need to sew the two halves together and then I'm not sure what the next step will be. I debated putting a white circle on top, but the corners are matching up so nicely I hate to cover them. I will definitely be mounting it on a white background, possibly adding a colorful patchwork border. Whatever happens, I love the idea of a quilted color wheel and I can't wait to experiment more.

Another inspiration has been all the beautiful string quilts out there. I've done a couple string mini quilts, but those were pretty basic. So the other night I dove head first into my scrap bin, cut a bunch of strips, and just started piecing without really caring about color or placement. I'd love to keep this going, slowly making enough blocks for a wonderfully scrappy quilt. It may end up being a very small scrappy quilt, but gosh darn it, I want a string quilt of my own!
And I love the string quilt pillows too... maybe if I can't endure a quilt, a few pillows will do the trick. I need to get more pillow forms because I want to fill my whole couch with patchwork pillows, I think it's a great shabby chic look. Not sure how the husband would feel about that.. but, who complains about extra pillows?!

And call me a trend-follower, but - Hello Hexagons!
In the spirit of Sew, Mama, Sew's hand-sewing theme, I started stitching together some hexagons from my scrap bins. The colors look crazy in the photos.. sorry, nighttime fluorescent lighting.. but I promise they are not that neon. Like the string blocks, I think I will just continue to stitch a bunch of these together until I have enough to make a nice scrappy quilt or two. If I can keep on a steady pace, I'd love to see these become Christmas presents. Maybe Christmas 2010...

I love a project that I can work on silently while watching TV or relaxing with Curt. These are right up that alley, although I have to be sure to keep the scraps under control or they can quickly swallow us.

A couple weeks ago Curt and I stopped in to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get a couple things and he spotted this fabric, which reminded him that he needed a keyboard cover. This particular Hawaiian print was on clearance, so we got a couple yards and some elastic, and that night - voila: custom fit cover. I have half the fabric left with no clue what to do with it. I could probably make a swim suit, but I would also probably never wear that print. It does however, serve it's purpose of keeping Curt's Motif clean while it sits out in the house and on stage.

While Curt was gone a few weeks ago, I went on an eBay shopping binge and got a few charm packs. Here are what I received, plus a few other packs from my stash (there are still others, these were at the top of the pile). I love charm packs for so many reasons- very little cutting, easy color schemes, and all my favorite designers.
My most recent wins include a couple fall prints, Arcadia, and Hushabye. Also in the mix there are some other Tula Pink collections, and a couple Anna Maria Horner mixes.

Have I ever mentioned my obsession with Tula Pink? I love, love, love all her fabrics. They are so imaginative, detailed, and oh- the colors!
I love them each for different reasons: Nest for it's bright & bold colors and swirling designs. Neptune for its nostalgic interpretation of the sea. The colors, the prints, it all brings me back to the lake. And Hushabye, the name itself says it all. The perfect blend of sweet little motifs colored in the most perfect pastel - yet still bold - colors. A quilt made of these prints would make the most shabby chic baby as happy as a clam. And said baby's shabby chic mother. I may horde these packs until said baby is mine, and thus, I am said shabby chic mommy. That day is miles away, but those prints are worth the wait!

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