Monday, July 20

Wedding Weekend

I spent last week in Michigan for my best friend's wedding. We drove up Tuesday afternoon, arrived in Michigan at 4am Wednesday morning. It was a long drive, but I've never been so thankful to be home. I started to get sick Sunday night with a sore throat, but by Tuesday night it was a full blown infection. Wednesday Curt left to vacation with his family while I stayed home trying to recuperate. I got antibiotics that evening and by Thursday morning was feeling much better. We had a bachelorette party Thursday night, complete with a couple bridal accessories I made:
Future Mrs. L... Sash
A Future Mrs. L... sash made using freezer paper stencils and fabric paint. And a light blue veil I made using tulle and a hair comb. This was so easy and fun, plus the bride looked so cute:
Along with some cute lingerie I made Leann an Artsy Clutch from BTRS.
BTRS Artsy Clutch
I used Amy Butler Midwest Modern for the outside with a plain brown inside. The button is from Joann's. I have one more button like this, so I think I'll have to make one for myself. Leann loved her clutch and used it all weekend at her party, rehearsal, and yes, even the wedding!

Friday night I was feeling better, still couldn't talk much and was coughing like crazy, but my throat didn't hurt and I finally broke my 100.2 fever. I wore my newly made shirred summer dress to the rehearsal Friday night and it was perfect, comfy, cute, and wearable.
Shirred Summer Dress
After the rehearsal and dinner we went back to Leann's dad's house to finish the seating cards. They were little folded up chairs a la Martha Stewart. Curt came back to town and was able to help out with the cutting, folding, and gluing - it was quite an assembly line. We brought the bride to her mom's house for her last night as a single woman and headed home for my first night of kind-of restful sleep.

Saturday morning we all had our hair done and headed over to the church to have our make up done. The lady who did the make up was awesome and made all of use look like movie stars. Soon enough we were in our dresses and ready to walk down the aisle. Everything went off without a hitch, I didn't cough the entire service, and soon we were in the limo on our way to take more pictures. I can't wait to see the pictures, I have a feeling they turned out SO great.

The reception was a blast, we danced the night away and I've never seen my best friend so happy in our ten years together. I headed back down to Nashville by myself Sunday afternoon. What a long drive! 9 hours went by faster than I expected, but boy does that take a lot out of me!

Curt is playing music at a camp for the week and then playing a show the following weekend in Michigan, so I will be a bachelorette for a couple weeks. I'm working lunch all this week so I'm hoping to get a lot of sewing done and I'd also like to finish unpacking the few boxes left. I'd also like to go see Harry Potter while it's still fresh, I can't wait! And speaking of movies .. The Time Traveler's Wife is coming to the big screen. I read the book awhile back and every time I see the preview I get chills, it looks so good.

I'm going to bed early tonight, still trying to knock this cold. I took my last antibiotic yesterday, but the medicine said it could take up to 2 weeks to fully recover.. I'm counting down, this cold has wiped me out!

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