Wednesday, July 15

Mini Quilt Crazy

Over the past month or so I caught the mini quilt bug and just can't stop. Here are some mini quilts I have finished, as well as a WIP.

Maverick Star Mini Quilt

Maverick Stars - Anna Maria Horner Chocolate Lollipop

Flying Geese Mini Quilt
Flying Geese - Amy Butler Daisy Chain

String Mini Quilt #2

String Quilt - Scraps

String Mini Quilt
String Quilt - Scraps

Half Square Triangle Mini Quilt

Half Square Triangle - Amy Butler Daisy Chain

WIP Mini Quilt
WIP that is kind of like a mini version of the Old Red Barn Co quilt along.

I have another one in progress that is a reverse of the maverick star mini quilt seen above. The thing I love most about mini quilts is that they are a quick satisfaction with minimal planning. They are also a great chance for me to try new techniques on a small scale. These were the first time I had ever done a string quilt, maverick stars, flying geese, and half square triangles using this method. This way I know I can accomplish those techniques if I ever wanted to complete them on a larger scale. My plan for these quilts is to hang them on the wall above my sewing area. I am also considering opening an Etsy shop and I know I can churn out mini quilts for that.

In other news, I am home for my best friend's wedding this weekend. We have been BFFs since middle school and I am so excited for her. More on that to come... the bad news? I have a sinus infection plus what I'm sure is a double ear infection. So not the best condition for a matron-of-honor to be in, but I called TelaDoc and the very nice doctor I spoke with called in a prescription for me. I hope this Z-Pak kicks in soon, or I will be miserable. We buy our own health insurance, and while doctors' visits are not covered, the TelaDoc is free and convenient. Just set up a consultation, they call, you explain the symptoms, if the doc thinks you need it, he calls in a Rx and voila - ready in 1.5 hrs. Since I sound like a dying frog.. I'm sure I didn't even need to explain my symptoms, he was ready to give me meds from my first horse word. Come on drugs, kick in any time... I'm going to play Guitar Hero to entertain my lonesome self now.

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