Monday, July 13

In an attempt to blog more frequently

NO! West Nile virus has been found in mosquitos in East Nashville. There's no escaping it. I should stop watching the news.. However, I value a good local news station and have yet to find my match here in Nashville. The meteorologist on the NBC affiliate just said the trees and bushes sighed in relief this weekend from the rain. I wonder if he truly thinks he hear them? I love a wacky weather man.

Forgive the rant, onto crafty things:

A little late, I realize, but I made a couple patriotic home accessories for the Fourth of July. Since my sister came to visit, I thought I'd better spruce the place up with some appropriate decorations:
Independence Coasters
Coasters for our new coffee table. I started each with a simple log cabin with larger pieces thrown in to quickly square it up. They are each 4" or 4.5" .. can't remember exactly. I quilted one little rectangle on each and then applique stitched around the outside. I was looking for a quick project and didn't want to turn those coasters inside out, and I like the rustic Americana feel from the slightly ragged edges.

Independence Pillow
In matching fabric, a star quilt, loosely based on this tutorial. I didn't follow those instructions, but I liked the way it looked and figured it out to fit my pillow form. I started with the white middle, added the color rings log cabin style and then quilted the square with random loopy stitches. Then I appliqued the star on top of the quilting and sewed it all together with a slip cover back:
Back of Pillow
For the back I used scrap jersey fabric, which worked great because the jersey is nice and stretchy so it hugs the pillow form tight and is really easy to put on and off.
This pillow is 16" X 16" and I just used a pillow form I already had on the couch in a different cover. It's such an easy way to quickly change a look in any room and keep up with any holidays. I think I'll keep this cover on through July and plan my next pillow cover for fall. (?!? planning for fall already ?!? I'll hold on that thought....)

I've been working on a few more smaller projects, but they need pictures still. More to come...

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