Tuesday, October 6


This past weekend, Curt and I traveled to my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan for my cousin's wedding. More pictures of that later, but first: ArtPrize. 
You can learn more about ArtPrize on their website, but to sum it up, the city of Grand Rapids opened its doors to artists to display their work downtown. Many buildings became venues to display indoor art, and sculptures and other outdoor features are scattered downtown. Visitors can vote for their favorites and the winner will receive a $250,000 prize!

The top 10 were announced over the weekend, and this moose was one of them:

He's made entirely out of nails, life size and cute to boot. 

There was lots of walking, admiring, and wondering just what the heck we were looking at. 

It was cold and drizzling for most of the day, but we still really enjoyed ourselves.

Car in the pavement

Dad excited about something...

Someone was supposed to jump off that a la David Blaine, but the weather was too bad.

Curt modeling a metal dress.

Curt, my sister, and my mom with the moose.

Bri riding a motorcycle made of all household parts, no actual motorcycle parts. 

I couldn't find what this was truly supposed to be, but I assumed a ball of yarn!

Giant table on the bridge.

Down by the river, trying to stay warm.

Nessie on the Grand.

We saw only a fraction of the exhibits, but it was a lot of fun. After making our way down to see Nessie at the river, my mom finally said "Enough of this ArtPrize crap, let's go." Chalk it up to nasty weather and hunger .. we went out to dinner and enjoyed the rest of our night inside. ArtPrize is only going for a few more days, so if you are near West Michigan, definitely check it out, there is something for everyone!

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