Thursday, October 15

a family affair

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from the wedding we attended in Michigan a couple weeks ago. The bride was my cousin Sara, she'd been dating Brad for a long time and I was so excited we could make it up to Michigan to celebrate with them and the rest of our family. 

Sara & Brad with my Aunt Robin & Uncle Larry

Dad, Mom, Bri, Me, & Curt. We got new dresses for the occasion!

Most of the Wilson clan, minus quite a few grandkids. 

My sister & me .. we took about 20 photos trying to get a good one of both of us, 
this is the best we could manage.

There was plenty of dancing - the Wilsons know how to get down! 

These people are not family - but they were those kind of dancers.. you know the ones- homely man with his pretty date, first on the floor, outrageous moves, boogie the night away. There's a pair at every party and these two were just too good to pass on a sneaky picture. 
I mean, would you look at his form?! 

We all had a great time, ate yummy pie (the bride doesn't like cake), wore ourselves out dancing, and enjoyed spending time with family. 

I've been working on a few small projects and will have to take pictures tomorrow if the weather cooperates. It has been raining for a couple weeks here in Nashville and the temperatures drop every day. I made cheesy broccoli soup the other day because it was just a soup kind of day. Today was a chili kind of day, but I'm not really in the mood for chili.. time to search for recipes. 
What's your favorite fall dinner? 

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