Monday, January 4


Last month was a whirlwind- I can't believe it is already January, and so much happened in December I don't even know where to start.

Curt has been gearing up with the band to tour Australia again so there was so much to figure out with that. In the meantime, we were planning on moving out of our apartment and into another one across time. Our lease was supposed to be done in the middle of December, so we made plans to move then. However, we got into a little disagreement with our apartment complex and turns out our lease wouldn't be done until January. We still wanted to move before Christmas because after that, Curt would be leaving and I would have to move by myself - aka would not work.

Not too long before our planned move-out date, Curt decided it made more sense for me to travel with the band instead of staying in Nashville, working my buns off to make ends barely meet. He was right- we could just stay in our current apartment until it we left for Australia and put all our stuff in storage. He made all the arrangements and came to me with a well-designed plan. I couldn't say no- he was right, it did make more sense. No rent, internet, TV, electric, water, etc bills to pay and I could spend the time with Curt (they will be gone three months.)

I gave my jobs two weeks notice, and both agreed to put me on a leave of absence until I get back. We started packing up the house and ended up staying home for Christmas, which was a big help to get most everything in boxes. My dad came down last week to help us finish packing and move it into storage. A friend agreed to let us share her huge storage unit, which was wonderful.

Curt spent last Monday at a photo shoot, so my dad and I got what we could packed. Wednesday and Tuesday he had rehearsal and I had to work, so my dad was on his own and worked really hard. There was so much to get done and not enough time to do it, but we finished everything and cleared out of our apartment just in time to ring in the new year.

Curt left with the band just after the stroke of midnight and drove through the night to Michigan to play at a camp for the weekend. My dad and I left the next day and got into Grand Rapids just after midnight.

I had some errands to run on Saturday, then we went out to eat with my family. We decided on a newish Mexican restaurant and it was delicious! They don't really have Mexican food in Australia like we are used to, but Curt and I love, love, love Mexican food so I had to get in one final meal.

Sunday was my grandma's 82nd birthday so the family surprised her by attending her church and made brunch for her house afterwards. It was so fun to surprise her, she had no idea what we were planning, and it was nice to see the whole family before we leave.

Sunday night we headed over to Curt's parents' house for a bon voyage dinner. It was nice to spend that time with our parents and sisters, and dinner was good. So was the blueberry coffee cake we had for dessert- yum!

We packed up all the merchandise and extra luggage and Curt's dad drove us down to Detroit. We spent the night at a hotel there - and by spent the night, I mean took a little nap before waking up at 5 to go to the airport.

In total, the three guys had 10 checked bags and 7 carry-ons. Last year the airlines were really cool about waving the extra baggage fees and they got away without paying outrageous amounts. Not so much this time around- we got the Southwest employee who insisted on each bag weighing not an ounce over 50 lbs and wouldn't wave any fees. One hour and $300 later the guys were through the check-in line and on their way to security. We knew they would have some trouble, mainly because Curt is carrying-on his wireless rack full of nothing but odd looking electronics and cables. I couldn't tell if they made him empty it out, but I know it took them much longer to get through security than everyone else in line.

Curt's dad brought me to another hotel, which is where I am spending my day. I took a much needed nap, caught up on emails, made a few calls, and now I'm debating dinner at the concierge or a bath and my book.

I fly out tomorrow morning- please pray for clear runways and safe flights. The guys arrived in LAX a little while ago, so please also pray for safe travels for them as they leave from there for Australia tonight. Any air travel makes me sick to my stomach, and traveling alone really makes me crazy, especially when it's for a couple days, all by myself. It means leaving here early in the morning, lay-over in Charlotte, arrive in LAX, collect all my luggage, check-in and go through security there, sit around for umpteen hours, leave for Australia late at night, fly all night, and hope someone I recognize is there to pick me up when I arrive in Melbourne.

It's not fun, it gets lonely, but at least this time it will mean I will get to spend all that time with Curt, see more of Australia, and completely avoid the rest of winter. Which, until I got to Michigan this weekend, was really not that bad anyway.

Because I will be having a lot of extra time on my hands, I'm setting a few goals for the new year and my time in Australia.

I would love to attempt a Project 365- taking a photo a day. I know I can do this- it's the blogging about it that will be a challenge.
I will also be handling all the podcasts/video diaries for the band. Last year Curt got really behind on the podcasts, primarily because he didn't always have time to do them. Since I really don't have responsibilities while I'm gone, I told Curt I would take on the videos.
I knew I wouldn't bring my sewing machine, but I needed some kind of creative outlet for the next three months. I decided on watercolors. I bought a tiny little notebook and I hope to paint a few little pictures a week.
I will also be knitting, but I could only bring so much yarn with me. My goal is to work through all the yarn I brought before our return. That way I can justify the suitcase full of yarn I'll be dragging around the airport tomorrow.

So, to kick off my Project 365: Day 1, January 4, 2010.

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Anonymous said...

Brittney, Please keep up on your blog...I am so excited for you, have fun in Australia and safe travels!! (And please do Project 365) It'll be worth it!

*krystyn* said...

Sounds like a very exciting adventure you have in store...I must admit, I'm terribly jealous!!! Have fun!!

K13 said...

Sounds like a very exciting adventure you have in store...I must admit, I'm terribly jealous!!! Have fun!!


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