Thursday, January 7

Made it to Australia

I made it to Australia after way too much time in the air. I watched two movies on the plane- "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "500 Days of Summer." They were both good, the first made me cry. Apparently Curt watched on the plane and also cried, I'd recommend it.

I didn't sleep well on the plane, so I was happy to get a good night's sleep last night at the Messer's. We will be staying here for a few days before heading off to a camp in Adanac.

The weather has been perfect so far, but it's supposed to get hotter in the coming week. Last night we went to a pool party and they invited us back if it gets hot. We may have to take them up on their offer. The camp we are going to has a lake with a giant water slide, so that will be really nice when we get there.

Curt was only here for a day and got a lot of sun. He forgot to put sunscreen on- check out the burn.


The Messer's have a beautiful garden with lots of flowers and produce. Dad- check out these watermelons, they look much better than yours ever did. Well, at least the critters haven't gotten to them yet.

Going to get out of the heat and eat lunch now, nothing like fresh fruit on a hot summer day! 
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John said...

Okay, I have to ask. Do they use Kangaroo manure in their gardens? It looks so nice over there, I hope you are enjoying yourself. We had 5 inches of snow in Grand Rapids yesterday.
Love you,


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