Wednesday, February 10

Card Making

My sewing machine and fabric stash are packed away in storage in Tennessee right now, so what's a girl to do when creativity strikes? Make cute cards!

The Messer girls are very crafty when it comes to card making so they took me under their wings and shared their tricks. I've learned about stamping, embossing, Cuttlebug-ing, the list goes on and on. Sally works in a scrapbooking store so they have all kinds of supplies and super cute paper to work with.

We went into the store to pick out some new paper and they had an example of a 3D card that I just had to try and recreate. I looked it over, took a picture in my mind, and set out to make one myself.

This is not the first one I made, but it's the first one I photographed. I'll have to take photos of the rest of them when we get back to the Messer house.

All the cards use Kaiser Craft's Offshore line. I love the bright blues and the pop or orange. And the shapes are beautiful organic waves, perfect for an Aussie summer.

I stamped the images in a chocolate brown onto the orange paper. I edged the pattern pieces in different shades of blue. I left the middle section blank for a special birthday message.

This was generally the same idea, but with different placement of the patterned paper. I also embossed the orange spikes on the side pieces. For added sparkle I threw in some blue and orange rhinestones all over the card. 

This is a simple birthday card. I stamped the "Happy Birthday" using indigo blue ink. I love the strip of stripes down the middle of the orange and the bit of wonkiness it brings (intentional or not, I'll never tell.)

Same idea, different papers. I used a Fiskars punch on the orange to get the nice lacy look and topped it with a dark blue ribbon. I love the simplicity of this card and it's blank so it's perfect for any occasion! 

I've had so much fun making cards, I know this is something I will continue when we get back to the states. I have all kinds of cute paper at home but I think I need to invest in a few stamps. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby and I'll be a card making fool! 

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M said...

Very nice, I love the way it pops out Ill have to try it.

PS Im having a giveaway, check it out.

M said...

Very nice, I love the way it pops out Ill have to try it.

PS Im having a giveaway, check it out.


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