Monday, February 21

The Hubs

I know this is a week late, but how about a little Valentine update? 
Curt & I are super cheap dates, so we opted for Qdoba, where they were offering buy one entree get one free. The only catch? You had to smooch at the register to claim your free dinner. Duh! Of course I'll kiss for free food. 
Who wouldn't want to kiss those fat lips?! 

After dinner (he had a burrito, I had tacos & gumbo) we walked over to Target to see if Curt could find a new pair of pants before he leaves on tour. Curt needed a slick pair of skinny jeans, so he tried on about 6 different kinds.

Low and behold he found a pair of black skinny jeans that look great on him! Happy Valentine's Day to him. (I'm considering the jeans my gift to him, that's fair right?) In case you were wondering, Curt got me raspberry chocolate truffles and a card that says he is a nut about my butt :)

A few days later we ventured out to find him a jacket of sorts - he wanted a look like Zach Efron in 17 Again (?!) but didn't know if he wanted a leather jacket or something else. Forever21 had just the ticket - a slightly shiny bomber-type jacket with all the right zippers and pockets.

I love shopping with Curt, but he always takes way too long in the dressing rooms - now I know why - he spends 10 minutes looking at every possible angle. I'm more of a "throw it on, if it's not perfect take it off and move on to the next thing" kind of gal - in & out, lickity split. 

So I was happy when he quickly settled on this jacket, I really liked it and he did too. It will be the perfect look for onstage, and as it happens, is a very nice weight for spring. 

{Aren't the Forever21 dressing rooms way cooler than Target?!}

We had a lot of fun shopping together, Curt especially because now that he's lost weight (19 lbs so far!) he feels more comfortable in lots of different clothing options. It's good to see him reaping the benefits of his hard work. 

We also happened to find a couple spotlights that night. Don't you always wonder where they are coming from? I know I do. So when we found them, I made Curt run up and pose for a picture:

Curt's leaving next week, so in addition to a few wardrobe enhancers, he needed new band merchandise. I spent a couple nights creating shirts and buttons. Here's a preview of one - grey & orange on a charcoal shirt. I can't wait to see how everything turns out! I love new merch because it means I have three or four new shirts to add to my closet :)

That's about it for now - I spent the better part of this weekend sick in bed. I don't know where it came from, but a nasty bug invaded my system, leaving me with a high fever, sore throat, runny nose, and terrible headaches. I feel like I'm breaking the fever today, which hopefully means I'll be done with this soon. In the meantime, I'm spending the day in bed, writing up a few more posts, ordering fabric for a nursery, and drifting in & out of consciousness. It should be noted, if there are any typos in this post, kindly disregard them as my disillusionment. Thank you.

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Katherine Michael said...

Looks like he found some great stuff! Congrats to him on the weight loss. Hope you get to feeling better!


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