Saturday, June 18

Happy Saturday

Hope you are all having a good start to your weekend! Curt's family came down to visit us this past week so we have been doing all kinds of fun stuff with them. Tonight my family shows up and we will do all kinds of different fun stuff with them next week :) 

On top of that I've been up to my ears in cakes at work and working very hard. I'll be very happy when I get tomorrow off to rest and relax with my family! 

I tried to post this video earlier this week but YouTube was being weird, so you get this fine Saturday morning treat. Another gem from our Aussie friends, The Paper Kites, this video is too sweet to miss.

A big storm is arriving so I am going to hunker down with a cup of tea and my sweetie. Then over to a send-off breakfast with Curt's family. Hope your Saturday is just as cozy! 

ps - Curt & I made an offer on a house early this morning so any positive thoughts and prayers sent our way would be much appreciated :) 

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