Monday, June 27

Sandwich Time

The highlight of my lunch hour? Sandwich time. And because sharing makes us happy, I'm going to share my secrets to the perfect sandwich.

1. Start with a good bread. It doesn't happen to be anything fancy, but a little more than off-brand Wonder Bread please. My pick today? Some pre-sliced asiago from the clearance cart of my grocery store (this is usually a gold mine for fresh baked goods!)
Toast that bread just enough to get it crisp. Not too much, not too little. This is key.

2. Slice yourself some cheese and melt it on top of one slice of bread. I nuke it for 20 seconds in the microwave. Don't be cheap with your slices - get nice thick ones. This is no time for thin cheese. After the melting, pick up that slice of bread and get some air circulating under it - we don't want our toasted bread going soggy on us now, do we?

3. Add some meat. My preference is a smoked turkey from the deli, but I'll take what I can get (on sale). Bacon would be a welcome addition to this step.

4. Cut three thin slices of cucumber (or enough to cover your sandwich). This will give you a nice fresh crunch in every bite. Tomatoes are an added bonus.

5. The Pièce de résistance: avocado* Don't be stingy.

6. Smash those halves together and enjoy your sandwich time.

*I love avocado, but I hate how fast it can go bad. To enjoy avocado on my sandwiches all week long, here's what I do: Start by cutting off a couple inches from the top for your sandwich. Immediately wrap it tightly in some tin foil and stick it in the fridge. The next day, cut of another ring of avocado, minding the pit in the middle. Wrap it and stick it back in the fridge. You can make an avocado last for days by just cutting off as much as you need and storing it well. Yum! 

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