Monday, July 4

Happy Independence Day!

Curt & I celebrated July 4th by staying in bed late, eating hot dogs, and drinking Country Time lemonade. Perfect!

We also went down to Franklin to visit the little street fair they had set up (not the greatest, in my opinion).

What was the greatest was this old timey band wandering the streets.

(video taken with my iPhone using the 8mm app - 20's filter)

We hit up the local fro-yo place. Curt had Original Tart and I had a little combo of Pistachio and Mint. They were mmmmm.

We left just before the parade, and just before a small storm rolled through.

I spent the rest of the night at work but Curt ventured downtown to see the fireworks and he said they were spectacular. I could hear the rumbles, and they sounded pretty good from where I was listening.

Hope you had a great day celebrating! 

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Mooncalfmoon said...

I'm totally blown away by your photos. They've got a beautiful 1970's grain to them. How do you do it? <3

BrittneyAnderson said...

Thanks! I used the Instagram app on my iPhone to take these photos. The app has a lot of different filters that are all really great!


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