Wednesday, July 20

Catching Up

Things have been a little bit crazy around here and my blog has been neglected. Curt and I are trying to buy a house and just when everything started to go our way we ran into a big issue. I won't bore you with the details but I will ask that you send good thoughts our way as we try to *hopefully* finalize things on our new house. We are thinking nothing but good thoughts and hoping for the best right now!

Adding to that stress is that fact that Curt has been away playing music at camps for a few weeks. Last week he didn't have cell service and it was such a pain to communicate!

The benefit of his absence is the fact that I have all the time in the world to sew, sew, sew, and I got a lot accomplished.

I made two new tops, finished off another that needed sashing, and then quilted them along with three other tops that have been waiting for a little love.

Two of the quilts were finished completely and the other four are waiting for binding. It felt really good to turn those tops into almost-quilts and I plan on tackling the binding tomorrow. Four of them will be going into my up-coming online shop.

I also occupied my time with some good old fashioned friendship bracelets. What, you haven't heard? They're back!

There's just something so calming about tying knots in group of threads that are pinned to the knee of your jeans. I still have my embroidery floss collection from my friendship bracelets days on the playground. Hours of fun to come!

Curtis came home Saturday but he brought a nasty cold with him. Fever, chills, sore throat, snot, coughing. It's bad. It's keeping me up at night. But it's good to have him back home.

While we are under a heat advisory, he's sitting on the couch under a winter blanket, wearing a sweater and drinking hot tea. Last night he requested chili for dinner. I can't say no because he's such a pathetic sick person, but I mean, come on, chili when it's 100* outside?!

I told you things are crazy around here. Back to sewing and packing. And maybe a little more friendship bracelet-ing.

ps: we saw Harry Potter and wow, wasn't it great?! I need to go back and read the books again because gosh, they are so good! And yeah, Neville Longbottom. Hello. Where did you come from?

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