Thursday, September 1


I have nothing new to report, but I felt the need to post a blog because it's sitting here, so lonely.

soccer sunday

I'm still waiting for my sewing desk to find it's permanent home and I'm going absolutely crazy without it! We painted it white but ran out of paint a coat shy of completion, so we need to pick up more. Then it will get a protective coat of polyacrylic, which will have to cure for a few days, and then I will get my sewing space back. The thought of having to wait another week makes me even more anxious...

butterfly at home depot

I'm itching to make some scrappy quilts to eat up my stash. Here are some patterns I'm considering (click the pictures for links).

I've been thinking about these X block quilts for awhile now ... literally daydreaming about them as I go through life. So yeah, that's definitely on my list!

I love these scrappy bow tie quilts. They seem to be the perfect way to use up even the tiniest scraps!

That last one reminds me - I need to stash up on some more neutral solids for some other ideas I have!

Including a scrappy vintage quilt at my in-laws' house that I want to copy. It's a simple 9-patch with sashing and setting squares. I think they're 2.5 squares, all set on white. I rendered up a little something to jog your imagination:

Their quilt is made from what I assume to be vintage calicos and feed sacks and the result is an amazing  mix of colors and patterns. I plan to start cutting my scraps into 2.5" squares to steal this look.
An AccuQuilt might make that really easy. HINT HINT to anyone who might be shopping for me in the future :) 

Have a fabulous holiday weekend! Curt's family is coming to visit so we will have a busy weekend!
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