Sunday, October 30

Fall Sewing

This past week has been a cold one in Nashville - fall has definitely arrived! All the more reason to sew a new scarf, don't you think?

I had some new Loulouthi velveteen just begging to be turned into a loopy scarf. I plucked some Loulouthi voile from my stash that was just the right blue and got sewing.

I followed the tutorial from Anna's blog, but I altered my measurements slightly to better suit my short petite frame. My fabric was cut somewhere in the realm of 12" X 54".

I love the chartreuse color of the velveteen - perfect for a pop of color in the cold weather. The voile and velveteen together make a very cozy, warm scarf, and the infinity aspect means no ends flailing around or getting caught in zippers. It was quick and easy to sew. (AKA you can expect me to make a few as gifts this Christmas!)

Hope everyone has a good week! 

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Achaia said...

Oh, oh, oh, where oh where did you get that velveteen so soon???? LOVE! I'm determined to make myself a figure 8 scarf this winter.


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