Monday, October 17

Weekend Wedding

Curt and I had the privilege of attending our dear friend Matt's wedding this weekend in Indiana. It was a beautiful weekend for a wedding and I snapped a few Instagrams to share with you.

The drive up was gorgeous - the trees were all kinds of colors through Kentucky and Indiana. We don't get that autumnal changing of seasons here in Nashville - it's just kind of hot and then it's cold, so the trees don't go through "the change."

The wedding ceremony was at this sweet little covered bridge in Zionsville. They had Ball jars lining the aisle with candles and the sun was shining just right to cast a perfect afternoon glow over everything.

The men wore plaid shirts with skinny black ties and suspenders; the girls wore grey dresses with sweet bows in the back, and the bride wore a beautiful strapless dress with plenty of ruffly layers.

Keeping with the fall theme, the reception tables were decked out with pumpkins, twigs, and a dusting of glitter. The groom is a musician - aptly represented by the hymnals and antiqued sheet music. The reception was in the town Curt and I (and Matt) went to college, so it was fun to visit for the night.

The reception was of the dessert variety, with plenty of pies and sweets arranged on two glowing tables. The second table had grab bags to fill with all kinds of treats like M&Ms, nuts, pumpkin seeds, chocolate covered espresso beans, peanut butter cups, etc.

I opted for the raspberry cake, which tasted as delicious and pink as it looks. Curt had apple pie with a flaky crust - yum!

Matt & Charissa were very civilized in their cake cutting, aside from a tiny dollop of frosting which somehow got from Matt's finger to Charissa's forehead :)

The wedding was beautiful, the desserts were delicious, and the bride & groom were grinning all night long, so I'd consider it a pretty successful wedding weekend. 

Have you been experiencing autumn where you are? We are going to carve pumpkins this week and roast the seeds. I can't wait! 

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