Sunday, November 16

The Final Night


Today is Curt's last day in town before he jets off to Australia. In less than 12 hours he will be totally gone, on his way to LA for a couple days then to Melbourne. I've been sleeping the day away because 1) I don't feel well and 2) I don't want to have to think about life without Curt for a few months. I've been on the verge of tears a few times this weekend, but I'm trying to hold off because he's still here and crying now just seems silly. I'll save that for the ride home from the airport. 

I wish I could crawl back into bed for the rest of the day then, but I will have to just stay awake and go into school. After school we have CPI training, which means wrestling people for three hours. So that will kick off my marathon of trying to keep busy. With that on Monday and work Tuesday and Wednesday, my first solo week with be packed full of distracting duties. 

Also keeping me busy? A long list of Christmas gifts I have to make. I'll document that list later. For now, more time with my hubby, he just got home from the store.

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