Saturday, November 22

My 6th Day Alone

How is it that 6 days after Curt left, his dirty clothes found their way to the bathroom floor? I may just leave a dirty shirt there to remind myself that I am not totally alone, despite being the only human in [our side] of the house. They had their first show last night, and I guess it went well. 300 people stuck around in the rain to see them, and some people even bought CDs, so that's really great. Now they are on their way to Perth for another show .. tomorrow? The whole time change thing is really hard to understand, today's tomorrow, tomorrow's today, it's pretty ugly. All I know is right now they are 14 hours ahead; it's nearing afternoon there, they have a show that night. 

As a result of the strange time difference, I haven't directly spoken with Curt in a few days. When he is away other places, it's not a huge deal, we can at least talk or iChat once a day, but I've just been getting random emails scattered over the last couple days. Hopefully he will have good internet in Perth and we can get a little schedule for a couple days until he moves again.

I worked this morning, and boy was I ticked. Please, everyone, if you have a $52.67 bill, leave more than $3.33. Especially if you specifically told me and my manager that I did a fantastic job! It just doesn't make sense people -- do you know anything about proper eating-out-etiquette?! Leaving crappy tips for great service is probably my biggest peeve, it's just uncalled for. 

I've been watching DVR'd episodes of Little People, Big World all night. I'm 1.5 episodes away to catching up, then I'm not sure what I'll watch. I have a couple movies on the DVR, perhaps I will check those out. 

Back to knitting dishcloths, sewing table runners, and whatever else I can find for myself.

And because I don't like posting without a picture: some summer flowers to cheer me up from the nasty cold that has set in here. 

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