Monday, September 7

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day.

Labor Day weekend marks the first time Curt and I played a show together. It is, in fact, how we met. I was a freshman at Anderson University, he was a sophomore. His band needed a cellist, and I played cello. It was a match made in Heaven, but not quite on Earth at that point. See, I was dating a guy from high school for almost a year. When Curt and I first got together to rehearse, his roommate joked what if I was the girl he would marry. No, Curt reported back, she has a boyfriend and he wasn't the least bit interested in me aside from playing with the band.

That was five years ago, obviously things happened and he changed his mind, because he's stuck with me now. I played that Labor Day show with the band, and a few more after that, but the music changed and Curt kicked me out of the band. Thankfully I really don't have a desire to be in the band, other than the occasional tambourine clanging, but he won't even let me do that.

Let's take a photographic walk down memory lane, shall we?

Playing with the band in Jan 2005?

School dance, late 2004 or early 2005?

Happy New Year 2005

Summer, I don't know when, probably 2005

At some beach in 2006 maybe?

Engaged - June 19, 2006

Engagement photo- fall 2006

Wedding day, June 15, 2007

My graduation in May 2008

At a wedding in August 2008

Christmas day in Australia, 2008

Disney World, spring 2009

Leann & Jacob's wedding, July 2009

My how we've changed, and I think for the better. My hair used to be super short, now it's much longer. Curt's hair used to be long, now he keeps it short. I've lost weight, he's gained (but he's losing it now). It seems like we just met, yet feels like we've been together forever.

What are your Labor Day memories?

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