Wednesday, September 16

Stolen Trailer, Please Help!

I don't know how many people truly read my blog, but this is worth a try. 

This morning while driving to work, I noticed the trailer we just bought for the band was missing from its parking spot. I called Curt right away, he rushed home from work, called the police and filed a report. The lock we had on the hitch was lying on the ground, cut apart, so it had obviously been stolen. There was all our merchandise stock in there, plus a few other random things we were storing (a garbage bag full of alpaca fleece!) Curt also filed an insurance claim right away, but it will not cover everything.

Curt's manager said this has happened to two other bands he works with, and each time the trailer was recovered. We are keeping an eye out around town for it, hoping they haven't driven it out of state yet. If you live in the Nashville and surrounding areas/states, keep an eye out.  

Here are some specs: 
6X10 Enclosed Trailer 
Brandywine/Maroon color 
Freedom brand 
It's a flat top with a side door, ramp door on the back side. 
Brand spakin' new, no license plate, no nothing, we just bought this a few weeks ago.  

If you happen to find a trailer that looks like it might be ours, contact me here or email brittneydanderson[at]gmail[dot]com. 

First person to find it will be rewarded :)  

Thanks, and I will keep you posted. I'm feeling very optimistic that it will turn up soon and we won't have to worry about this anymore.

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