Thursday, November 12

Caped Crusader

I've got an urge to make a cape. Not like a superhero cape, more like a capelet or a cloak. Something warm for these fall months (it's still in the 70's here in Nashville, but it's bound to get cooler), fashionable, not too bulky, and a neutral color.

I'm not exactly sure what bit my capelet bug, but I think it started here.

This tutorial from Ruffles & Stuff for a no-sew cape. Disney makes awesome stuff and this little fleece cape is so cute. I started to envision it on a larger scale for myself...

Then Disney made this beauty.

And wrote up a little tutorial .. She was inspired by Blair Waldorf, and I do love me some Gossip Girl fashion. I must have one of my own ...

So I started searching-

Gap is doing it.

Old Navy is doing it.

Burberry is sooo doing it.

This National Geographic clothing distributor(what!?) is kind of doing it.

American Apparel is doing it with fleece, which is probably how I will end up doing it.

Burda is even doing it without pants.. 
if it's cold enough to wear a cape, it's too cold to wear spandex, just saying.

I love everything about the Burberry cape- the neck, the big buttons, the arm slits. How hard can it be to make a cape? Just fold a big piece of fabric in quarters and cut in a circular shape. Cut up to the middle, cut a circle, sew on a neck... right? Right? Please tell me I'm not totally underestimating this project.

In case I am, there are always patterns to fall back on, but I'm not really a pattern kind of girl.

Obviously it looks fabulous in a wool blend, but I'm cheap and not really up to sewing with wool right now, so I will probably make due with fleece. Maybe fleece lined with a nice satin or soft cotton for some contrast? I like that about the Burda one.. that little pink poking out of the pockets is just so cute.

I need to go to the fabric store soon anyway, I think I will peruse the fleece selection and see if there is anything cute enough to make a cape.

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