Thursday, November 26


We had a successful Thanksgiving today:
*Slept in
*Ate giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast
*Went to my Aunt Dianne's house for turkey
*Ate two types of turkey, along with Aunt Pam's cucumbers, Uncle Doug's Snickers salad, green beans, stuffing, and at least four kinds of mashed potatoes. Plus a ton of other stuff.
*Found out exciting news that TWO of my cousins are pregnant, while a third was experiencing contractions right there at the dinner table.
*Opened secret pal gifts
*Gifted baby gifts for the baby that is probably being delivered any minute now
*Gifted squirrel mittens to my Grandma
*Went to my Aunt Beth's house for dessert
*Someone forgot pumpkin pie, but we brought a giant peanut butter cup pie that everyone enjoyed along with three other kinds of pie
*Gifted owl mittens to my other Grandma
*Ate a little bit more food and dessert
*Played Scrabble with a cheating 9 year old, then some frog phonics game. I won.. I think.
*Stopped at Redbox on the way home for a free movie (The Proposal - we wanted My Sister's Keeper but it was checked out everywhere)
*Watched the movie with homemade popcorn and the whole family plus my sister's ex (haha)
*Watched UP next
*Planned our shopping for Friday morning
Which brings us to present time- my sister and I are waking up in a couple hours to hit Old Navy, Target, and Joann's. We must be insane. But we have fun.

A quick picture from the day:

I counted 34 people in the picture. These are all the grandkids (minus 2) and all the great-grandkids (I think they are all in there) plus three more great-grandkids in bellies. With our Grandma/Gaga/Nana squeezed in the middle there.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now for some sweet shopping dreams...

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