Thursday, November 12

Shopping Spree

Have you ever played on Polyvore? It's a fun waste of time but also a great source of inspiration. I wish the controls were more user-friendly and customizable, but beggars can't be choosers.

Here's a couple outfits I threw together. I would love to wear any of these clothes and accessories.
Mellow Yellow

Librarian chic

Clearly I have a thing for dark wash jeans and cute flats. And simple outfits with fabulous accessories.

My closet is bursting with flats, but I still feel the need for more. I don't think I will be satisfied until I have a pair in every color. And I do not have flats in either of these lovely yellow or pea green colors. Well, I do have a pair that is grey with yellow polka dots, but I don't think that counts. And would you look at those bows?! I girl can never have too many frilly things.

So... who will loan me their credit cards?

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