Wednesday, July 7

Happy Four{teen}th!

Happy {belated} fourth of July! I couldn't resist a little decorating. It's a really simple to-do: I cut scrapbook paper into 2x3 pieces and then sent them through my sewing machine to create the garland.  

I sewed a piece on each side, so it looks equally cute from the back. And no need to worry about putting them in order - I just grab them as I go and try to avoid the same pattern right next to itself. 

I love the colorful greeting in our entryway and I plan on leaving it up for the whole month. Whether the boys in the house agree with that is another story.

Curt's family was in town visiting, which meant we got to celebrate Cali's 14th birthday, which also happens to be July 4. 

The cake was cake batter ice cream with graham cracker pie crust, layered with yellow cake. Bettercreme frosting and graham cracker side crumbing, all made by yours truly. It tasted pretty good, too! 

We couldn't find our birthday candles so Curt got 14 votives and Cali arranged them into the number 14. 

After cake we headed downtown Nashville for the huge celebration. We got there early, which meant reasonably good seats, right on the river. Later in the night, it was standing room only into the street. 

Yes, that boat is spraying red, white and blue water. Later it hosed down the riverfront trees to protect them from the fireworks. 

The evening music included Jaci Velasquez, Julianne Hough, and Trace Adkins, plus the Nashville Symphony Orchestra accompanying the artists and the fireworks. 

It was great to see everyone come out, considering the fact that just two months prior, the entire riverfront area was completely underwater from the flood.

After all that country music, the orchestra took over and played all the patriotic hits set in perfect time to the fireworks display. 

They launched the fireworks from across the river - inside, outside, and all around LP Field. 

Nashville claims the fireworks are one of the largest displays in the country, and I believe them. The colors, the live music, the boom from right across the river, it was all a perfect night! 

The only thing missing? A trash bag full of popcorn. I really miss that tradition, and I think next year I will definitely be bringing it back! 

The weekend also meant a little free time to start another baby quilt. Not sure who it will go to, there are lots of new babies in the family who need quilts, but I guess that just means I'll have to keep busy at the sewing machine :-) 

How was your holiday weekend? 

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