Thursday, June 24

For My Sister

My sister also celebrated her birthday earlier this spring and requested a slew of accessories. And she also specified that they had to be "grown up looking" since she is, after all, now 21 and very much grown up.

I was happy to oblige with this cute hair clip. I found the weirdest raincoat fabric on clearance at Joann's that was perfect for flowery accessories. I got some in a few different colors to make a bunch of flowers.

I also snagged some brown tulle to match and did the little curl-it-with-a-candle-flame trick to make it nice and shabby~chic.

*That is my sister in the pictures, not me, just to clear up any confusion*

I added some brownish beads to the middle and glued a clip to the back.

I also made one in black with repurposed t-shirt material and a colorful one with Amy Butler fabric, but failed to take photos of those. Oh, and four headbands which I also failed to photograph. I'll have to get Bri to take some pictures of herself wearing them so you can all see!

Bri goes out a lot with her friends and she likes to take clutches for their portability and ability to match any outfit. She requested ones in black and pink specifically, but said I was free to pick whatever other colors I wanted.

I went a little crazy with fat quarters and matching zippers at Joann's but the end results turned out really great and Bri loved them all. I made a bunch so she could pick a few, but she ended up taking all but one - guess I'll have to make some more for myself later!

Just to warn you: some of these pictures are really blurry. It was really late at night and I just wanted to snap a few photos to share, I didn't realize how terrible they turned out.

I made a contrasting green one with an orange stripe, Bri let me keep it, but I don't have a picture.
I 100% ripped off this color scheme from someone else who made these clutches - it was too cute not to copy! I did change at least one or two of the fabrics, I just know the blue and green circle fabric is the same one she used. I don't remember where that link is now, but if I find it, I'll be sure to link you to hers!
I love this one, it's so cute I'm definitely making one like this for myself. If you'd like to make one- check out the tutorial here. It is really simple to make the results are adorable!
Bri requested small handles on them, so I attached most of them via the zipper. The teal and pink ones have a little tab sewn in the sides where I attached the handle. The zipper ones are completely detachable if she changes her mind.

Fat quarters work great for this project because you can mix and match your fabrics and I got 2-3 clutches out of each set. 

The insides have two slots for cards. They are the perfect size for a camera, wallet, and lip gloss, and with the straps they are easy to tote around all night at the club! 

I hope Bri gets lots of use out of all her birthday accessories. The hair clips and headbands go great with any outfit - fancy with a dress or fun to spruce up jeans and a tee. And now she has a clutch to match every outfit, she'll never be without! I had so much fun making them all, now I just have to find time to make some for myself! 

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