Tuesday, June 22

A Belated Birthday Quilt

My mom's birthday was in April and she agreed to accept a belated quilt when I could find the time to make one. I got a fat quarter set of 15 fabrics from Joann's for Christmas this past year and they happened to be the perfect colors to match my parents' family room. 

I had originally intended on making a modern bento box, but after sewing all the blocks together, I really didn't feel like cutting them up and re-stitching them again. And I wanted to finish the quilt before our weekend trip to Michigan so I didn't have a lot of time to mess around. I was able to quilt it, wash it, dry it, and sew the binding onto the front in the couple days I had left before leaving. I hand sewed the binding to the back in a couple settings on my parents' couch. 

The back is pieced with light green and purple fabrics split with a random sampling of fabrics from the front. 

For the binding I used a wavy stripe fabric that was also in the bundle. Joann's still had a few of the fabrics in yardage, but I love stripes for binding, so that fabric won. 

I attached a little birthday label to the back corner. 

And then I threw it on the couch so you all could see how well it blends in with the room. 

Mom wants to repaint the walls to a different shade of green - the existing color is a little to minty, she would prefer something more grey-green-yellowish like the greens in the quilt. As long as she stays in that color scheme, the quilt will have many more happy years on the couch. 

The blocks finished at about 12" so the quilt is somewhere around 48x60, which is a great size for bundling up and cuddling on the couch.

Happy Belated Birthday Mom - I love you! 
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