Thursday, June 10


I think I need a new header on my blog. The one I put up now is from last summer, featuring my sister's birthday quilt. It's cute and all, but I'm ready for something different so I'm turning to you. Anyone have any ideas? Any aspiring graphic designers out there interested in throwing together something simple for me? Maybe I'll do a whole blog page makeover. What would you like to see?

In less decisive news, I've been stitch, stitch, stitching away on a few different projects all at once lately.

I went a little crazy at JoAnn's with the fat quarter sale. I started with this beautiful stack. 

Set up shop on the deck. 

Cut for a few hours. 

And turned the pile into pieces for a bunch of clutches. They are for my sister's birthday. I'm making a ton and then she can pick her favorites. And I will probably keep a couple and save the rest for gift giving.

I also started working on a quilt for my mom's birthday. I got a fat quarter pack for Christmas and the colors match my parents' living room perfectly, so I'm making the quilt with those. My original plan was a modern bento box pattern, but I'm debating just keeping them at log cabin blocks. We'll see what happens. 

The weather in Nashville has been beautiful lately, as you can see in these photos. Today I sat out in my swim suit and then had visitors in the form of a co-worker and the great dane she was dog-sitting. Now I'm on my way to the library and dinner. I have a strange craving for fish, soup, and Pei Wei, but I don't think I'll get all three today. 

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