Monday, October 11

A Little Sewing and a Gruesome Story

This summer my family was blessed with two new babies. The first one was the inspiration for the Tula Pink nursery and the second one is the lucky recipient of this baby package.

Isn't he so sweet? They waited to find out that he was a he until he was born, so I didn't make anything until baby Adam was born, but I had a good suspicion they would have a little boy. I started gathering fabric in anticipation of a little man, and I was so happy to hear about him because I fell in love with the colors scheme. I blogged about the top here.

So after he was born I finished the quilt and sewed a few more accessories:

Here's the quilt in all it's bright colored glory. The squares are 4" (I think) so the overall quilt is about 36" square - perfect for cuddling, using in the car or stroller, and makes a handy play mat.

The back is a cute orange & blue flannel stripe that I've been holding onto for a long time, waiting for the perfect project.

To match the quilt I also made a quilted bib:

A pair of sweet shoes:

And a taggie blanket:

This is where the gruesome story comes in. While sewing this little blankie, I happened to sew through my finger. Not just a little poke - I sewed all the way through my finger, nail to print. I didn't realize what happened at first - I was just sewing along, when suddenly my machine jammed, the pedal wasn't working, and I couldn't pull my hand away. I had to reach around and hand-crank my needle into the up position so I could remove my finger.

Exhibit A: Where the needle went in.

I showed Curt and it took him a minute to figure out what happened, because by that time I was a little hysterical. I think when it started bleeding out both sides he caught on. Eventually it stopped bleeding and I went to bed shake, plus my project was left incomplete.

Exhibit B: Where the needle came out.

I didn't think it was a huge deal, but called my old doctor and found it had been 11 years since my last tetanus shot, so Curt and I both went in to get shots (he was overdue too). That in itself was a dramatic experience, brought on by Curt's unbelievable fear of shots. The shots turned out "not so bad after all" but the nurse did feel the need to recommend I take him for an ice cream afterward (which I did).

Exhibits C & D: The new puncture wounds.

I was back on the sewing machine the next day and finished the blankie without incident. Our arms hurt for the next week or two, but I'm happy to report the wound has since healed, the nail kept growing, and just the other day, the part of the nail with the hole broke off. 

I told you it was gruesome. 

It took me awhile, but I finally shipped the package off to baby Adam for his enjoyment. I hope he loves everything and I hope when he is old enough, his parents will tell him about the night his second-cousin Brittney sewed through her finger making him baby things.

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Heather said...

Brittney, this quilt and its accessories are absolutely darling. The pop of orange makes it so cheerful - really great choice of patterns! I love it! Adam will look so cute all snuggled up in it :)
Thanks for posting the photos and sorry to hear about your finger...sounds like you were very brave about the whole affair though!

Anonymous said...

Once more you out did yourself! It it is beautiful!!!!! I LOVE the colors in so bright and happy. And the little shoes are so cute! I said it before and I wi
ll say it again...You are so gifted!!!!!! Thanks for sharing:) What are you going to make next?

The Goodwin Family said...

Amazing job Brittney! I think I need to hit you up for a tag blanket for Nicholas!!! He plays on his quilt often! He loves the feeling of it and the patterns...he just stares. Love you! And be careful with your fingers!!!


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