Saturday, January 22

iPad Sleeve

Curt's mom got an iPad for Christmas, that lucky lady! So of course I had to make her a stylish sleeve to go with it. 

A simple sleeve, with a pocket across the front, lined with fleece. 

Velcro closure, which Curt thought was useless, but I proved was actually quite strong. 

She really likes blues & greens, so I hope she will like this sleeve, I know I do. 

The flap is double-secured, no iPad slippage here! 

Now we just have to send it off so she can make use of it!

Both the fabrics are from Jo-Ann's, but I don't know what they are. I love the prints and colors and I've been using them in all kinds of projects lately. 

As for the project specs - It's my own pattern: two sleeves (liner and outside w/pocket) sewn together at the top inside out and backwards all that jazz, left an opening at the flap's location for turning, then put the flap in place and topstitched it all closed. It worked really well and made for a quick project. I would definitely make it again when the need arises .. aka I get an iPad. Hey, a girl can dream and my 25th birthday is only two months away :) 

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