Sunday, January 23

New Shoes! (or, oh Happy Days!)

Not really, I already had the shoes, but they needed an upgrade, so in stepped a black Sharpie and some fabric paint and I have some newly minted old fashioned saddle shoes!

Want the SUPER EASY how-to? Three steps:

1. Buy a plain ole white pair of canvas shoes. I got these at Target for a whopping $9.

2. Use your Sharpie to outline the section you'll be painting black.

3. Fill in the rest with black fabric paint. I suppose you could do the whole thing with a Sharpie, but that would take longer and you might faint from the fumes.

Enjoy your new saddle shoes! These would also be cute in little tiny baby or kid shoes, and you could do another color too. Take black and white photos and pretend you are living in an episode of Happy Days. Preferably the one where The Fonz jumps the shark. 

As for my shoes, I'm going to wear them to work and pretend I'm working at an old fashioned soda shop. I'll be rocking them with my newly skinny-fied black pants, which were atrocious before but are now quite stylin.

Another easy how-to: Skinny Your Pants

1. Take you old pants, lay them flat. Lay a pair of skinny jeans you like on top and line up the double seams on each leg.

2. Draw a line along the old pair on the new pair. Sew up that line, easing your new line into the old line somewhere up the leg near the crotch.

3. Try them on inside-out and make sure they are okay, adjust as needed, then cut the excess fabric, I zig zag the seam, turn then right-side out, and rock what you got!

(ignore the fact that I'm wearing black and brown, and please excuse the terrible quality of these photos - they were taken late last night with my phone)

So quick - go out and re-do your wardrobe. Both these projects are super fast and the results are always pretty darn sufficient. 

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