Thursday, January 6


Have you joined Pinterest yet? Everyone's doing it. What are you waiting for? You'll only be cool if you join.

Did I peer pressure you into joining? Seriously thought, it's a lot of fun. And a disastrous waste of time waiting. But it can be very helpful, too. 

Now, instead of dragging photos onto my desktop to throw into iPhoto for inspiration later, I can just "Pin It" and keep a beautiful collection of inspiration right on my page. And the people who follow my pins can see them too, and they can repin them and share them with their followers, and it's one giant orgy of inspiration. They have a handy button you can throw on your internet browser so your collections are only a click away.

Quilts, fashion, recipes, photos, colors, home decor .. there's a board for everything. Think of it as your virtual inspiration board - no more clipping magazines, ripping newspapers, or poking yourself with those darn thumbtacks. Unless of course, you like that kind of thing. Then carry on and ignore me.

Here's part of my "taste the rainbow" board. Because I have a thing for color in an organized order.

Gorgeous interface, right? All that white space, the photos just organize themselves, you can scroll all the way down the page to find infinite inspiration...

Give it a try, and if you like it, add me to your list. 
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