Thursday, March 10

Bitty Sewing

I have a few small sewing things to knock out before I get to work on a full nursery and I was happy to accomplish a good bit today before work.

First, a baby quilt for my dad's co-worker. The family is from India but their upcoming daughter will be an American citizen, making it easier for the rest of the family to become citizens as well. To signify that, my dad requested a bit of red, white & blue, but I couldn't help but go all out and do the whole quilt in that color scheme, with a lot of pink thrown in for good girly measure. And of course, that cute little flag block.

The quilt top is finished, I need to get more batting and maybe backing before I quilt it.

My friend Leann asked me to sew some things for a friend who is having a baby boy. Today I worked on shoes, tomorrow it will be bibs and burpers.

I love these fabrics for little boys, they are so fun like a circus. 

I got distracted by my music selection today and accidentally sewed in the wrong lining, so they are a little mismatched, but I think it works for these shoes. 

Tomorrow I hope to make a Joann's run and then spend the day sewing. I have a long list of to-do's, but I feel like I'll be able to crank them out! 

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