Monday, March 14


I've been contemplating how to approach my Doll Quilt Swap 10 mini quilt for quite some time now. I knew I wanted to incorporate Red Riding Hood of some sort, so I finally decided to jump right in a see what happens. 


I pulled my favorite Red picture from Google, which happens to be from famed author Roald Dahl. 


I cut out all the pieces from scraps and the tiny bit of red I have in my stash.
(On a side note, I need to start buying red fabric so fill in my stash - any suggestions?)


I ended up changing her hand because I'm over-analytical and decided the first hand was anatomically incorrect with the thumb and stuff. But now I like it better the first way and I'm decided whether it's worth it to tear it apart and fix. 


Next on my list is attaching a patchwork border to finish it off. I'm thinking a nice assortment of red with teal/blues and black & whites.
(On another side note, I'm also seriously lacking black & white fabrics, which can be very helpful in creating a nice contrast with other fabrics. Suggestions?) 

I'm looking forward to sending this quilt off to my partner, I think she will love it! And I'm as excited to receive a quilt in exchange. I've been skimming the Flickr group, but I have no idea which one could be for me! 

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