Wednesday, May 16

Get Away

Curt spent the better part of March and April on the road touring all over the place. Thankfully he was home for the last weekend of March when we joined my family for a not-long-enough stay in Orange Beach. The weather was perfect, the sand was white, and we were so thrilled to spend time with my family. I even got to catch up with a couple of my cousins, including this sweet little guy!

{he was the lucky recipient of the Tula Pink nursery almost two years(!) ago.} 

It was the perfect getaway - just what I needed to relax and rejuvenate. I'm actually kind of ready to do it again soon, haha! 

The following weekend was Easter and I was able to join Curt on the bus for a quick little tour of a county fair in Alabama. 

It was so nice to be with him, even if it was the strangest way to celebrate Easter.

We ate funnel cakes and grilled corn and all kinds of disgusting fair food.

I did not ride any rides - I just can't trust large structures that fold up and travel down the highway.

Isn't it nice to just get away for a day or two? It's usually just what I need to take my mind off the crazies and enjoy life :) 

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